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Ramadan & Eid

Barakahville Masjid Light- Turquoise

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Barakahville is a charming village with clusters of beautiful masjids, minarets and houses. Allah swt has blessed the small quaint village and its habitants to the fullest.

The neighbors get along perfectly helping and loving each other throughout the year. Bring home a Masjid from Barakahville to constantly remind you to be better with yourself, to be better with your family and neighbors. Make it a reminder for you to be a leader of kindness in the community.

This absolutely beautiful decorative LED light featuring a crescent, mosque and minaret is the perfect accent piece for your Islamic home decor. Use as on the mantle, as a night light, Ramadan decor, Eid decor or as a table centerpiece.

The adorable nightlight is handcrafted with CE certification for electrical components and finished with high-quality water-based paint. Each light is unique and made for you to add that special touch in your Muslim home decor.

Details :

  • Pre-sale : Will be shipped by first week of April

  • 6 LED lights to achieve a soft and pleasant light for eyes.

  • 12inch x 11.75inch x 2.5inch

  • Switch for easy on/off.

  • Freestanding Desk light

  • 2xAA batteries (not included)

  • Material : Wood

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Barakahville lightbox-3 (1).jpg